Archery is a name of a game where a close combination is seen in between body, mind & soul.

Message of General Secretary


Archery is a name of a game where a close combination is seen in between body, mind & soul.  In 2001, it happens and I can say it as loved at first sight and given birth with an aim named Bangladesh Archery Federation. Today I would like to express all the thanks & gratitude to all those who have been devoted their minds soul to establish & grow this organization as well. Bangladesh Archery Federation has already gained its recognition from both national and international aspects. All the credit goes to the officials’ coaches, judges & archers of this federation. Today this organization is acknowledged as the most organized discipline for our hard work, well managed coaching, sincere and transparent activities.

 Being elected for 2 times on the Council Member of World Archery Asia, proves the vivid attention of Asian leaders to us. Our Archers, by now, obtained remarkable advancement in the world ranking which proves a concrete possession of Bangladesh in the international field of archery. They have glorified us. In future, I hope & believe that we will surely, be able to grasp highest position by participating in the national and international events.

I like to convey my heartiest thanks to all of our past presidents, EC members’ councilors, all the patrons & sponsors, Sports Ministry, NSC and BOA. Without their extended hand, it was impossible to run last era. I especially thank our present president who has initiated many time bound project and implemented which has inspire and enrich our federation to go ahead. They have been embracing us with their cooperation how we have been able to continue our race for a perfect shot on our target board. The ARCHERY WEB SITE will be simplified information to all with  vast evidence on archery of the national and the international level at every moment.

Long live Bangladesh Archery Federation.


Moulana Bhashani Hockey Stadium (1st Floor), Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Phone: +8802-7116882, FAX: +8802-9557433, Email: info@archery.org.bd
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