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Local events

Local sports events of Bangladesh Archery Federation

A local sport or game is considered as an essential part of the culture of a nation. Sports means an activity involving physical exertion and skill that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often undertaken competitively. Sports is a good way for the people to get exercise and are widely considered to be important to the country or significant for its culture.

In 14th December 2003 Bangladesh Archery Federation (BAF) starts their first official national tournament at Dhaka named Victory Day Archery Tournament which held every year at the same time. First National Archery Championship held at Dhaka from 18 to 21st March 2004. Victory Day Archery Tournament held on 16th December 2004 and  26th March Independence Day Archery Tournament 2005. All these events are continuously held every year just in time. In 2014 BAF starts their Club Championship for the first time. In addition, open archery contests have been held at different exposures.


Moulana Bhashani Hockey Stadium (1st Floor), Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Phone: +8802-7116882, FAX: +8802-9557433, Email: info@archery.org.bd
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