A list of questions and answers related to Bangladesh Archery Federation. If you have any more question which is not listed here, please email to info@archery.org.bd


FAQ-Bangladesh Archery Fedaration

  • 1) What is Executive Committee?
    Group of executive members appointed to act on behalf of, and within the powers granted to them by, the board of members. Typically, it consists of a president, vice-president, general secretary, treasurer, assit general secretary, and general members.

  • 2) What is Laws?
    Laws are actually rules and guidelines that are set up by the social institutions to govern behavior. These laws are made by government officials. Laws must be obeyed by all. Laws set out standards, procedures and principles that must be followed.

  • 3) What is Bylaws?
    Bylaws are secondary laws that are established by an organization, community that allows it to regulate itself.

  • 4) How archery introduced in our country?
    In 2001 A prominent sports organizer – Mr. Kazi Rajib Uddin Ahmed Chapol convent a meeting in his residence at Arambagh, Motijheel, Dhaka with some enthusiastic sports minded organizers dated on 23rd January. In this meeting with honest aim and objective of organizing, developing & practicing archery as per World Archery Federation (Former FITA) rules and regulations, Kazi Rajib Uddin Ahmed Chapol formed & established Bangladesh Archery Association with 31 members. Since formation Mr. Kazi Rajib Uddin Ahmed Chapol is continuing as the General Secretary. The first President of the Federation was a brilliant Freedom Fighter of the Liberation War of the Bangladesh and a Sports Organizer, a Social Worker Late Mesbah Uddin Ahmed Sabu. Within a very short time Bangladesh Archery Federation obtain membership of the Asian Archery Federation on the 11th October, 2002 in its congress held in Busan, South Korea. It was affiliated with the Bangladesh Olympic Association preliminary as an ‘Association’.

    National Sports Council of the Government of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh recognized it on the 24th May, 2003 under the purview of the National Sports Council Act 1974 (Read with up to date amendment). Then Bangladesh Archery Association has achieved its affiliation as Federation on 18.10.2006 from National Sports Council of the Government of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh.


Moulana Bhashani Hockey Stadium (1st Floor), Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Phone: +8802-7116882, FAX: +8802-9557433, Email: info@archery.org.bd
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